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Growing your real estate business shouldn't be this hard

By Chris Jones

What if there was a proven formula for success in real estate? A simple plan you could follow…

100+ new leads per month? No problem.

“Cake” listing appointments every week? Yes.

Cherry picking only the clients that you WANT to work with? Of course.

That’s what your real estate business should look like. But does it?

Contrary to what you might think, there are plug-and-play formulas for reaching these goals.

Repeatable and scalable formulas. They aren’t complicated, but they are hard to find.

Our names are Levi and Chris Jones. We’re brothers (duh) and we founded Guerilla Realty.

We test hundreds of formulas to grow our real estate business. Then we take the most effective strategies and turn them into step-by-step instructions for you.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: We test every kind of growth strategy you can imagine.
Step 2: Then we publish what works.

For example, last month we found one new lead generation idea. We implemented it and within a month it produced 26 new buyer leads.

It will result in 2 closings and $10k+ in commissions.

The best part is it only takes 15 minutes to implement and will continue to generate new leads every month on autopilot.

Total cost? Nada. It cost us nothing but about 15 minutes of our time.

We project this one strategy will generate as much as $60k in commissions over the next 12 months.  What could it do for you?

That’s why we’re here.

Every month we email out a new growth strategy.

Just enter your email below and I’ll send you the strategy we’re testing right now plus the 15-minute strategy I mentioned above.

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