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Quick Answer Series: What’s All the Hype about “Short-Sales”?

Lately, it seems you can’t read anything about real estate and not see somebody selling their unique short-sale technique, their book or system on how you can become the “short-sale king” in your area, or their coaching on how to profit from doing short-sales.  It’s become so prevalent now that it seems there is even a Certified Short-Sale Professional (CSP) designation! Don’t get me wrong — I’m all in favor of agents handling short sales for their clients when necessary, and doing so is often a great service to your ... Read More »

Success Team Q&A Session

This video was recorded live on November 1, 2011 directly from a Success Team question and answer session.  In this mastermind call we discuss a number of topics that are relevant to agents practicing real estate the new way!  Great stuff that you won’t want to miss! CLICK HERE and learn how you can generate 2-3 inbound leads every day without spending money on advertising. Read More »

The Evolution of Real Estate (Part 2)

Before we launch into this segment, let’s recap the last installment. In it I was discussing how in the 1960s and 70s, our industry was in a Broker-centric Era. The brokers had all the power. Customers had very little access to listing inventory except through them. Agents had no business except through them. Modern real estate brokerage was in its infancy. By controlling the inventory, broker-owners were able to build real estate dynasties. It was common place to see multiple office operations with teams of agents, and it was during ... Read More »

Ten Steps to Real Estate Success (Step 3)

I started to call this step “Building Your Infrastructure” but I liked “Assembling Your Tools” better.  I guess there are a couple of reasons I prefer the word “tools”.  First, it doesn’t elevate the technology to a place that it replaces personal skill or responsibility, and second, because tools are just that — tools. When you evaluate a skilled automotive technician, you don’t judge his abilities by the size of his tool box.  No, as someone who spent over 30 years in the automotive repair industry, a great technician can ... Read More »

The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 2)

Allow me to pose a question. What does it take to become the top listing agent in your market? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, you’re already on your way! You’ve shown that you’re interested in mastering the listing side of our business.  And you’ve acknowledged that you are competitive — very competitive. You’ve shown your desire to become the best at something, so you’re not interested in mediocrity. What if I told you that the difference between a struggling agent and a master listing agent is very small? ... Read More »

Bonus Podcast: Cindy Young Interview

In this exclusive podcast Cindy Young explains how, after several unsuccessful tries, she mastered technology-based real estate and went on to become a top producer generating the vast majority of her business online. Her success is clearly no fluke, but rather a string of seven consistent RE/MAX award-winning years, including five back to back years earning over $100,000 in the small town of Beaufort, South Carolina. Cindy credits nearly all of her success to the remarkable opportunity she found in doing online business, after setting her mind to learning the ... Read More »

Four Mistakes That Cost Agents $264 Million Last Year!

Today, over two-thirds of all Realtors® reported having a website, one in ten reported having a real estate blog, and more than half are using social media.  Sound good, right?  Not so fast. According to the National Association of Realtors® Member profile, the typical Realtor® brought in only four inquiries and did only 3 percent of their business from their website. Since the average agent did only 7 transactions, that means that most agents did statistically no business from their websites, while a few did a lot. Not surprisingly, those ... Read More »

3 Keys to Your Success!

Don’t you love it when every now and then you just happen to have the perfect answer to a question? That doesn’t often happen to me, but it did last November. I (along with about 25,000 other agents) was attending the National Association of REALTORS® annual conference in Las Vegas, and while I was there, my friend Michael Krisa caught up with me and we had lunch together. Little did I know he was going to ambush me with his video camera! (Hey, what are friends for, right?) So here ... Read More »

What Are the Best Times for Online Advertising?

Recently, several agents in The Tank have been asking questions about the best times of day or days in the week to advertise online.  Some “experts” are teaching agents that certain times are better than others and as someone who has personally helped thousands of agents generate millions of Internet leads, many agents have asked if I can shed some light on the topic of times of day for advertising. First, the quick answer is don’t sweat it.  As many of you well know, time is money.  What you might ... Read More »

A Tale of Two Agents

I received an email last night from our coaching department and it made my day!  I’ll share it in a minute.  The first part of the email was normal coaching stuff that I won’t bother you with, but the part that I really loved was this: “Thanks again for all your help with everything.  I have 5 pending transactions directly resulting from my LCM and Ultimate Website, and I also have 1 pending deal that was referred by a client I found through my LCM. You could say that 6 ... Read More »

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